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Three Way Street: Douchecrime in New York City

Crime-fucking-riders beware – New Dorkers regularly give the fuckfinger to police! To each other! To common sense! Seriously, are people in New York all retarded? Apparently so, judging from this insanely mesmerizing video, which proves that driving, cycling and even walking ought to be 1st period subjects at the giant re-education camp for selfish twats that is America.

They try to kill you just for riding according to the law here, after all – I can’t imagine how one of the Audi-driving manchildren of Prague would react if I dared to cut them off in traffic… Anyway, check it out:


Nice video!

jaro je tady

that’s right, spring is here! well, unfortunately, that means the spring rain is here, too. so, it’s time to bust out the rain gear, race blades and add a few meters to your skid stop. first off, there are a few events coming up:

jarní alleycat – 16th of April · 13:00 – 16:00

this might actually be the closest thing to a real alleycat that prague has seen… well, maybe. 🙂

for more info:

and then there is the

Pražské cyklojízdy / Prague Critical Mass – 28th of April 18:00-??

it’s always fun to ride and extend your middle finger to the thousands of douche bags, who are stuck waiting a whole 10 minutes, in their cars during the critical-mass. i know it only makes these škoda-jockeys hate us even more… but, very moment counts during this biannual event.

for more info:


one last thing i want to put out there before i finish this quick update…

bike polo, bike polo, bike polo.
i’ve got some sad news, my friends… it looks like there is a chance we might lose our spot at the Malešice rink. it’s not 100%. but, we are currently searching for a new spot, just in case. any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. the good new is… in the near future, we will be getting our lazy asses up and running with some new organization that could include membership benefits and an actual league . don’t worry, we are still the same polo playing, beer drinking, fixie riding assholes. but, with a little organization, we could possibly host a tournament this year… 🙂 there are even rumors flying around about sponsorship, custom wheel guards and some new top-secret mallet construction. stay tuned!

that’s it, i’m done. remember… don’t be a bunch of bitches… keep riding, rain or shine!

Hong Kong Hook Up

Brian at TeamFlowrider has cross-posted a bunch of our videos and he’s been making quite a few cool pieces himself. Check out this interview, part of his “Frame” series:

[FRAME] Chapter Six from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

Riding the Bridge

A few of us made it out to the ring road construction site this weekend and managed to ride the bridge over the Berounka and Vltava rivers just north of Zbraslav. Exciting stuff 😉

Polo is Wednesday this week at Malesice – don’t forget to remember!

Sometimes you want a gear or two…

A few of us hit the trails around Beroun this weekend to celebrate the return of sane weather! Enjoy:

Don’t Go Slow!

A little video dump from the VHoldR this weekend to get everyone into the upcoming Alleycat on April 10!

The music is a mashup of Amerikkkan weener-toucher and radio personality Glenn Beck made by Trevor Cushman and posted on his blog here.

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