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Hot Dog cycles + Pedal Project + Okolo = Headquarters

For those who don’t know, there’s a new bike shop in town. Hot Dog cycles (the 2 man tiny bike shop that was building bikes in Namesti Republiky), Pedal Project (designers, bike enthusiasts and magazine producers) and OKOLO (designers, bike enthusiasts and magazine producers) joined forces to create HEADQUARTERS. The new shop is now open for service and sales. Eventually, there will be a cycle cafe (coffee, beer and snacks) and a studio space / art gallery.
For more info, check out: and







Interesting article translated from Respekt on Prague TV.

Their clothes are a bit EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN for my taste, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Have pretty much worn directly through the old Marmot slicker I’ve had for 10 years… If anyone has some experience with their stuff, let us know!

Their website is under construction, but there are a few photos up and a link to their Facebook page:

Read the translated article here:



Boldog karácsonyt, ty vole…

As some of you might have noticed in the comments of our “Buy/Sell” section, the Herce-Hurca guys in Budapest have opened up a shop! They have a nice online assortment of bits and pieces and the prices are reasonable, so leave your wives/girlfriends/husbands/boyfriends/parents/dogsandcats a nice, subtle hint to check it out Christmas style 😉 It’s about as close to local as fixie shops get!


Canada Goes the Way of the USA

It’s sort of a blog-crime to repost things that Bike Snob already pointed out, given that all 6 readers here read the Bike Snob first, but this video of some fat douchebag politician from Toronto is too sick to let go. I know it’s all stereotyping, but I really had this closely guarded illusion that, as weird as Canadians are, they are at least “progressive” in that that they aren’t generally outright evil. Wrong, I guess. This fat bastard was recently elected Mayor of Toronto, but could just as easily be mayor of Vysočany. Thank God for the triple bypass.

Speckled Green Map

The Auto*Mat guys, always adept at polishing up the edges of thunderclouds until they look something like chrome, have published this “Green Map”, which includes cycling-friendly spots in the center of Prague. It’s a vaguely situationist undertaking, and pretty cool to see. These folks really are trying to put a brave face on and start changing perceptions a bit. The map has some unique features, one of the most interesting of which is a time legend – a legend which shows how long it would take an average walker or cyclist to cover a certain distance. You can also use it to locate a bike rack in the center of Prague – the first person to photograph all five and post them here wins a super prize!

Auto*Mat are looking for partners and advertisers to help bring the map online. Given the stated mission of the undertaking, it sort of begs the question: why didn’t they save the paper and just put the thing online in the first place? Will another free throwaway map really help convert the great “over-washed” masses or just create more backpack lint and white space for Americans to scribble “eshtay yeden peevo proseem”? Either way, it’s got to be more effective than the graffito scrawled on the construction barrier at the ongoing experiment in urban vomit that is the Narodni trida metro plaza. “We Love the Auto*Mat” writ large in red spraypaint beside “Fuck Police Ganga Anarchist!” or whatever, only reaffirms to the Tesco-shopping public that anyone who cares about their environment is a young white twat with greasy dreadlocks, an underfed dog and too much free time.

Auto*Mat ought to organize a “rychla akce” down there this weekend to repaint a nice hippy mural on the construction barrier and weld some bike racks onto it as well.


In the meantime, “mainstream” Prague has responded:

The Right Place?

I wanted to pass on a link to a nice little article in the Guardian today where a staff writer waxes nostalgic over a cycling trip taken by one of the newspaper’s early lead writers. The excursion took him from Manchester to London – a 19 hour trip, at the time. Today’s columnist, after all the requisite “I am not worthies,” propositions his readers for a few detours to help make the trip repeatable under modern circumstances.

Given the quickly encroaching ring roads, a few trips like this in and around Prague might not be a bad feature to add to the archives. In a few short years, a quick shot out to Zbraslav or a comfortable ride on small village roads to visit Svijany for a pint or two may well be practical impossibilities. On the other hand, the way things are heading with gridlock and pump prices, cycling might be the only way to go… Either way, a few well-planned and illuminated routes might not be such a bad idea.

To that end, I’ve started up an account on which lets you create a cool little GPS route, complete with description, elevations, distances and detailed road conditions. Salo has been using it for a while now, and worked out some way to upload and download the GPS data to his Garmin. It’s pretty easy to do, so if anyone is interested in having access to the account, let me know and I’ll give you the password.

Big Flat Lovin’ Group Ride

Look, I’m gonna skip the pictures of dog’s nuts and all because it’s frankly weird to me to post pictures of dog’s nuts all pubic-like. Dogs can’t help it that they can’t buy boxers – I blame the International Banking Conspiracy for not giving them credit cards.

However, I think Victor’s well spotted stretch of highway (part of the new ring road off the highway near Cerny most) calls for an organized ride sometime real soon. Let’s tentatively have a look at Saturday? I think we should do a ride, then co-opt a bit of it for a polo game.

It is evidently being populated by a horde of “in-line skaters.” We all know what the hardest thing about Rollerblading is… Best answer in the comments wins a PrahaFixed stencil to lay down in the middle of that ring road 🙂

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