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Rainy Days

A friend passed this one along from BoingBoing and I thought y’all might appreciate, especially as the weather starts weirding and the drivers get ornery again. Has anyone else noticed that it’s the women getting all surly these days, flipping birds and honking horns? I was thinking to make up a bunch of those zacatecnik stickers with a ž for žena and start slapping cars…

If anyone is up in Cesky raj area this weekend, give a shout – I’ll be roaming around on the road bike, enjoying the rain 🙂


Big Flat Lovin’ Group Ride

Look, I’m gonna skip the pictures of dog’s nuts and all because it’s frankly weird to me to post pictures of dog’s nuts all pubic-like. Dogs can’t help it that they can’t buy boxers – I blame the International Banking Conspiracy for not giving them credit cards.

However, I think Victor’s well spotted stretch of highway (part of the new ring road off the highway near Cerny most) calls for an organized ride sometime real soon. Let’s tentatively have a look at Saturday? I think we should do a ride, then co-opt a bit of it for a polo game.

It is evidently being populated by a horde of “in-line skaters.” We all know what the hardest thing about Rollerblading is… Best answer in the comments wins a PrahaFixed stencil to lay down in the middle of that ring road 🙂

Sometimes you want a gear or two…

A few of us hit the trails around Beroun this weekend to celebrate the return of sane weather! Enjoy:

April Alleycat is this weekend!

The Prague Alleycat is back! This time it’s meaner, longer and faster! Everyone’s welcome, of course.

We’ll meet at the Prague castle gates on Hradcanske namesti at 17:30. Here’s the route:

Check it out on Google maps here:

Checkpoints are:

START: Hradčanské nám.
Checkpoint 1: The exhaust tower on Strahov
Checkpoint 2: Jiráskovo nám.
Checkpoint 3: Želivského metro
Checkpoint 4: Libeňský most
FINISH: Cross Club – Plynární 23, Prague 7

Total route: approximately 17 km

Post up here if you plan to come out for the ride!


In case you missed Dula’s post on the forums, Kino Oko is hosting Cyklofest 09 on the 28th of November. It’s a collection of films about biking – mostly in Czech. This year will feature some travelogues from Sri Lanka, Crete, Iran and more. It’s a full day program and could be confusing if you don’t speak Czech, but well worth a look!


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