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Bike Workshop

The guys from Auto*Mat are running their first bike workshop of the year. Find out more on their website, or check out their Facebook page!


Thinking of selling out…

I’m thinking of selling the workshop tools due to financial concerns (ITTET)… If anyone here is interested, I’ll give you first dibs 😉

The kit is basically everything you need to build/work on just about any bike:

Bike stand, wheel truing stand, 2 complete spanner sets, complete set of headset presses, stem tool, bottom bracket tools, assorted wrenches (spoke, brake cable), chain tools, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. Also includes a bunch of cable housing, brake cable, shock fluid and sundry extra stuff.

Bought it all for 10k+transport from Teplice in November, and selling for 10k.

Open Workshop Day – DELAYED TO SATURDAY!!!

This wednesday This SATURDAY! I’ll open the workshop for anyone who wants to get ‘er done… Talk to Rob or post on here if you want to order wheel covers for your polo bikes and we can make those too.

Sorry – I got called in for some late-night project. Nothing I can do :-S

Dobrovskeho 6, Letna – Bring beer 🙂

Also, Saturday should be warm and clear, so let’s get some polo going. We had a great game last week. Post to the comments if you’re in. Petrin court – Noon:30

Open workshop day today!

Today’s another open workshop day! I’ll be in the spot from around 7pm – please RSVP if you plan to come by!

Dobrovskeho 6, Prague 7

Busy in the Cold (and resuscitating roadrage)

The workshop adventure last night was a success, despite the fact that it’s cold enough in there to bring a bottle of Gambrinus drinking temperature in about 5 minutes. Scott built up the old Favorit track frame he bought here and Dula popped in as well to fit a new cog and chainring.

The company he bought the stuff from is called Gebhardt.  Evidently, it’s all made in Czech and made to order (diameter, teeth, color finishes) and the prices look pretty good, so give it a look.

I managed to take my wheel apart yet again, and managed to add acouple of new noises to the one I was trying to get rid of in the first place 😉

Will try to announce workshop days a bit earlier next time, but it’s all up to the way time gets compressed at Gattaca II. Here are some shots of us working.

One sad little afternote to the evening – Scott and I went for a few beers to U Pinkasu after and someone stole the damned light off of my handlebars. Just a note to all you riders out there – In Prague, if it’s not nailed down someone will steal it. Thanks for all the memories…

Open Workshop Night

Hi all!

I’m having an open workshop night tonight at my place in Letna, if anyone feels the need to fiddle with their ride! Doors open at 7pm and we’ll be there until 9ish. Dobrovskeho 6, P7. It’s in the cellar with windows facing the street, so knock loud and I’ll open up.

Why no Posts?

Well, I’ve been in Egypt for the past week (no, I didn’t manage to take my bike this time…) AND Prague has been dusted by epic amounts of snow.

Exhibit a:

The plans for the bike co-op are moving along, however, and we’ll announce another meeting fairly soon (as soon as I get over the stupid cold I caught on the plane back to Prague.)

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