wow, it’s been a long time… well, most of the original praha fixed gear crew have moved on. they didn’t die, just moved to other parts of the world or are too busy with other projects. but, now that it’s getting colder outside and all of the best beer gardens have closed or are closing… here we are again. there is lots to talk about, but here’s just a quick post:
this Friday we have Mistrovství České Republiky v Single Speedu 2011 (the unofficial Czech SS championships) in Nové Město pod Smrkem at the Singltrek Centrum. it starts at 15:30 and it’s roughly a 18km course. there will be lots of SS fun, mixed with a lot of drinking afterwards. there is cheap accommodation for those who want to party until the wee-hours and have a place to crash. covert your old MTB or throw some cross tires on that old favorit-fixie you have and ride it monster cross style. who’s got the balls to ride 17km singletrack race fixed and no brakes?


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