alright, i’m getting a little tired of this shit. so, there are no good spots in prague to play bike polo??? well, maybe this will light a fire under all of your asses. i’m offering a brand new pair of bagaboo pedal straps (6 colors to choose from) to the first person who gives up a legit place in prague for us to play hard court bike polo. now, i mean a place where we can play at a certain time, every week without getting harassed by the police or some fat rent-a-pig. it should be somewhere around 15m wide and 30m long. the best would be someone’s private property where we can build boards and nets. i’ll settle for almost anything right now, almost anything. also, just suggesting a outdoor hockey rink doesn’t do it for me. we’ve checked out a few already and they won’t allow us to play there. so, drop a comment below and lets get this shit going!


1 Response to “really?”

  1. 1 Matyas May 23, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    I’m sorry /nothing yet/. I also really do keep looking for a good spot to polo game. But wish anybody will find anything.

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