Prague polo team takes Pardubice by storm

Poločas Rozpadu

The Golden Boys, Poločas Rozpadu: Smrťák, salo, Pavel

As we mentioned previously, this past weekend our friends in Pardubice hosted a polo tournament. Unfortunately, it so happened that it coincided with the Czech National Single Speed Championships, which swiftly reduced the ranks of potential players from Prague in half.

On Saturday morning, three of us who either lacked the necessary equipment or interest to partake in the single-speed MTB race, gathered and set course for Pardubice. As a tribute to the lack of enthusiasm for bike polo exhibited by the other members of our less than numerous group and the general trend in the past months, we decided to aptly call our team Poločas Rozpadu (Half-life).

However, what we lacked in quantity we supplemented with quality and sailed through the first part of the tournament without letting a single goal against, winning all three games 5:0. We continued in this style through the play-off games, where we won 5:0 against Bussy Pussy in semifinals and finally 2:0 in the game for gold against Deer Hunters. Pussy Reggae lost in the battle for bronze medal to Bussy Pussy (yes, we see the naming pattern but we don’t know any details, it might be some Pardubice thing..). As a final bonus, we played one exhibition game against the best players Pardubice had to offer and after a much tougher match we prevailed once again and won 5:3.

All in all, we had a great time (even the weather was favorable, which can’t be said about the poor sods racing in the single-speed championships in rain and mud!) and we are looking forward to the spring tournament the Pardubice guys plan to organize.

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