Off topic… The Rolling Jihad

I know this is a cycling blog and all that, but any and all outlets are good outlets at moments like this.

Knowing the state of Czech activism, we aren’t likely see any major protests (which are occurring all over the world) against Israel’s illegal piracy and massacre of unarmed activists on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla yesterday. One thing we can do quietly, however, is to stop buying all products that benefit the Israeli economy. Check the barcodes and labels on stuff you buy around town – especially clothing and produce. The barcode beginning with 729 denotes Israeli goods. Also avoid Starbucks (Go to MamaCoffee instead – do you really need another reason??), Marks & Spencer (huge supporter of various settler causes), Kenvelo (still partly Israeli owned and run by barely-reformed drug smugglers, not to mention the fact they make crap fashion for rednecks…) and Ahava (weird face cream real girls don’t need.)

I can’t seem to find a list of cycling products made in Israel, but just look for the barcode and buy local if possible. Gloves, shoes, sunglasses and accessories like that are likely suspects. I’m going to some shops to start compiling a list later on, and if anyone wants to add to this list, feel free.



2 Responses to “Off topic… The Rolling Jihad”

  1. 1 saman June 1, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    actually, there was a protest yesterday organized by something like International Solidarity Movement Czech and Friends of Palestine (I think latter one is group consisting mailny of Muslims living in CZ).
    Big up for Mama Coffee 🙂 Pity they stil don’t offer our favourite Zapatista coffe 🙂

  2. 2 Gunnar July 7, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    I know, it’s crazy! Did you see how the Israeli army released all of this selective footage with the timecode scrubbed out, purporting to show how the unarmed people of the Free Gaza Flotilla attacked a bunch of raving lunatics armed with the world’s most advanced weaponry who heli-dropped onto their ships at 4 in the morning! Isn’t it convenient that the Israeli’s confiscated all of the other footage from the attacks in International waters when they arrested and held foreign citizens who had committed no crime without properly informing their embassies? I think it is.

    I used to believe in Israel, but now I really wonder how the Israeli people can stand the illegal, militant, aggressive mess their government and the “settler/colonialist” idiots have become. Thanks for letting me post this on your bike blog. I don’t ride a bike, but I think they are cool and usually swerve out of the way when I see them on the road – if I’m not on my mobile phone.

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