Polo na Kolo pod Letna!!!

Saturday saw the first series of proper bike polo matches.  Thanks to all who came out.  Patrick is the hero of the day for suggesting the court.  It will be our home base for a while.  The view is spectacular and surface is smooth like a Pribinacek.  We played for two hours and had some beers afterward to recount all the highlights.  It was an excellent first round that ignited interest in all participants.  We plan to have a regular game 1200 Noon on Saturdays at our home court as long as the weather permits.  If you want to play, show up or drop us a line. We’ll have some extra mallets on hand as loaners.   There is also the possibility of indoor play.  We’ll keep you updated on that as it develops.  Here are some photos taken by our friend Dave.  Thanks Dave.  If you haven’t seen his work, check the site: 15 Sunrises


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